Welcome To GFXFather.com

Welcome To GFXFather.com!!

We Really Don’t Have Any Limitations. No Daily File Download Limit No Download Speed Limit. You Can Enjoy Downloading Files up to 1 Gbps. You Can Request Anything You Want. Yes, Piracy Is Meant to Be Free. But Managing Copyrighted Material on 3RD Party Hosters Is a Challenging Thing. So Contribute a Small Amount for Paying Our Server Bill By Taking Grafixdrive Subscription. We Will Accept Your Query And Bring You Thousand $ Premium Content For FREE.

Father’s Tip Best Way To Learn Any

👉Inspire And Motivate Yourself So High By Watching Movies/Magazines/Portfolios/Social Media/Road Side Banner , food packages many more and Say Loudly “How Did They Do It ?“
👉Try To find out the Technology and Software
👉Blindly Try a Project From Scratch Yes You will face Thousands of accidents But Just face it.
👉Get Acquainted With The UI and Features of the Software You are Using (Where What Located)
👉Watch The Fundamentals/Bootcamps
👉Follow Some Social Media Channel like Instagram ,YouTube, Reddit, Behance, Dribble Many more of your interest Just Create An inspiring Environment
👉Give Some time on Regular Basis
👉Reverse Engineer Some of Other’s Project
👉Do Some Project By Yourself and Try To make it Better And Better By Applying Your own creativity
👉Now Watch The Advanced Courses By Some Pro People and compare the Level Between You and Them. Find out what you are missing and lso find out your own Unique Style Your Speciality
👉Again Do Some Advance Projects and here add a time factor how fast you can do a Project
👉Now time to Focus on Shortcuts/TIPS/Tricks By Some Pro People Improve Yourself More and More
👉Finally The time Here To Do some job And Earn Some Money
👉Watch Some Mastery Tutorials /Courses
👉Research On improving Your Brain’s Creativity ,finding Projects/clients/ Create Portfolios/Apply for jobs
👉Take your time to Create A course like others Now teach other online or offline near to your city and get paid.
🤪 Don’t Quit Keep Continue. I Promise i Won’t pirate your Course

Here Is MY Pirate Shop You Can Check Yes Now we can group buy stuff and this time No leak i have the Technology.
👉 https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Grafixfather/extras
👉 https://ko-fi.com/grafixfather/shop 

~ Your Dad ~